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Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover

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My Story

We all know the saying that when one door closes, another one opens. But one day, not too long ago, the next door was not there for me. 


The doors of opportunity had always shown up in my life. I started my career as a police officer and received numerous accolades for my service. I owned and operated a nutrition store and produced several fitness magazines. I wrote and published an acclaimed children’s book series that made it to the shelves of Barnes & Noble and started a wildly successful marketing company.


Throughout all these triumphs, a pattern emerged in my life. The highs of success, followed by the depths of despair. I somehow always managed to land on my feet and carry on until my undiagnosed bipolar disorder pushed me to the brink of wanting to end it all. 


Passion, motivation, mental toughness, drive, and perseverance were no longer enough. I needed help.


People come into our lives for a reason. In my life, people have taught me to not prejudge anyone, from the beggar on the corner of the street to the salesman knocking on your door. One day you may be that person. Or one day, like me, that individual will show up to help you reach the next level or survive the darkness.


I share my story to offer hope to those grappling with mental illness, regardless of whether they've received a diagnosis or not. My aim is to inspire anyone navigating life's highs and lows, reminding them they're not solitary in their journey. Each of us deserves a life filled with purpose and abundance.

My Book
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After living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder for the first 47 years of my life, passion, motivation, mental toughness, drive, and perseverance were no longer enough. I needed help.


“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” is a collection of true stories of the wild successes and profound challenges of my life. It is a book of lessons learned regarding judgment and how it blinds us to what is true, and about the impact of the people who come into our lives and join us on our journey.

My Books



Ryan is brave and vulnerable about what it’s like to live with bi-polar disorder.  This is a raw, honest, relatable and heartfelt account of his life and demonstrates that what we see on the outside can be so far from what’s going on inside.


Ryan's stories made me laugh and cry, but left me feeling motivated and full of passion. He changed my perception on life. A must read!"


Ryan gives us a poignant and powerful view into his life... His ability to connect with an audience and share such personal stories is very helpful to shed light on overcoming any obstacles. I feel that by listening to his challenges and strategies, Ryan can help clients connect to their own struggles without judgement.

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